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Error logs show I'm sending out russian spam

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I've noticed a slow down of my site over the last 24 hours and its looks like I've found the issue but I dont know what to do about it.

I use elasticmail via smtp. I've just changed my smtp password but I'm still sending out mail. The logs show authentication error out of credit, so I'm assuming that whatever script is running is pulling my smtp details from the settings I put into IPB. Where do I start in terms of getting rid of this?



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OK found the issue.
Checking the email headers indicates a user ASWEEW and an email address allapetrovapetrovaalla@gmail.com

This is a registered forum user. As soon as I banned his account, the emails stopped. So how is he able to do this without compromising the server and everything else?

I did some searching and found this relating to the social sharing email at the bottom of each thread.

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