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Ads timing

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18 hours ago, bfarber said:

It isn't defined exactly - it will end on that day. I would suggest in most cases it should be closer to 00:00, but our advertisement tools aren't exactly designed to give you "to the minute" precision.

I think the question is more does it mean it expires when it hits the 15th or does it end on the 16th for example.

Something like "Show until end of 15.3.2020" or " Show until start of 15.3.2020" rather than talking about precise minute timing.

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3 minutes ago, bfarber said:

We basically do "create the date {whatever is entered} and then give me the timestamp for that". I presume most often that will be 00:00 as I already mentioned above, however technically we are not defining a time.

So that would make it "Show until start of {DATE}" rather than end of that date. Its not a big issue either way it works, it more just language clarity to know exactly what to expect.

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