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Blackjack - Members Shop Add-On ( Support Topic )

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On 3/10/2020 at 5:29 PM, Vahvel.net OÜ said:


I saw that you created backjack addon for members shop.

We are very interested in the poker addon, do you have plans to create this as well?


Will see what happens, I have thought about it while making this but will make no promises yet

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Updated to 1.0.1

New Features

  • Added the ability for moderators with permission to delete messages from the tables message box
  • Added a new moderator permission for the ability for moderators to moderate tables ( Just messages atm more will come )
  • Re-wrote some JS on the tables
  • Re-designed a section of the table chat logs so it looks neater with longer messages
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6 minutes ago, Blisslandia said:

Hi there! Just purchased your black jack for member shop. Where can I find directions on how to get it set up? I have created a category and a table. Now where can we see that table on a page and play?

go to your menu manager in the ACP and add a new tab and select the blackjack tab and place it where you want it, I left it there so you can place it in it's own or with the members shop tab etc

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Hello. I know The TheJackal84 is leaving IPS and that now @Adriano Faria is supporting this app. I know the developer is very busy, so I don't expect any fix to this soon. I appreciate all the time the developer put into this. @Adriano Faria if you are reading this, thank you very much. Don't worry, I can wait until you're free ☺️ - I am just sharing experience so this app could be improve in the future.

There is a problem with the odds of this blackjack game. In the real world, The dealer should win more than the player. But for some reason, I keep seeing player wins more than the dealer. I will start to post screenshot of my table stats once in while in this support topic to share with you guys how likely is the player is going to win a hand or if the table could take back the points from the players or not. Perhaps there is a pattern of the card generator that needed a fix.

Also I notice that I made one table for a player, and only this sole player plays on that table. The player won over 500Points but the table stats said this...


How in the world this table made a negative profit of 143, and this players won over 500. Where does the point came from... Having that said I think I should try one more time, resetting the table, and let this player plays again and will post another stats of it.


First Update:

Created a new table from fresh start, and try to play on it with starting points: 500 Points

After playing for a while randomly without any strategy. I end up losing 35 points.

According to the table, I have 465 left. That's correct.


According to my profile I have 465. That's correct.


Now, according to the Table Stats, the table made a profit of 45 points but I lost only 35 points.


I checked the stats every game I played. And I found out that the difference started to happen is when I buy "Insurance" on a hand. So I think when I buy insurance, the player didn't really pay the dealer for the insurance, yet the TOTAL profit for the table increased.


Second Update:

Yes, it is really the insurance button that is causing the problem. When the player bought insurance is when it started to mess up with the backstage Stats of the table.

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I would like to also report a problem. Unfortunately I haven't took a screenshot but I think it can be verified in the code:

1. I got 21 (Blackjack) yet the script was waiting a decision from me (Deal or Stand). Obiously I pressed Stand. But why do they wait an action from me when is obvious no one will press Deal to get a card when they already have blackjack?

2.  After I pressed Stand, the dealer also got 21 (Blackjack) and the script told me that I lost with the message - Dealer has blackjack when in fact it was a tie.

@Adriano Faria Please check and fix.

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