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Profile pic (avatar) question


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I received this question from a member:


Soon after I joined, I tried uploading a graphic for a personal avatar, but I got the message that the image was too large. I was puzzled, because there was nothing exceptional about this image and I had used it as an avatar on several other sites. But I tried saving it in the lowest resolution possible and then uploading again. Same problem. I then tried a photo. Same problem. I then tried another photo--same! All these images (in their highest resolutions) have uploaded successfully as avatars to various other sites with no problem. Is there some bug at play here? How have others managed to upload avatar images? Thanks for your help!

Here are some settings I found:


Are these the settings I should tweak? If yes, what are you guys using for settings, and what shoukd I set these at to avoid problems like this member is having?

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