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    • By Larry Kachadorian
      Having a separate test/dev site separate from your "production" environment is pretty much standard practice. Yet for cloud accounts that has presented a problem ... unless we've missed something that is available.
      Since transitioning to Invision cloud , in addition to our main site, we have paid for the smallest legacy cloud account as a test/dev site.  Its closed to guests , and can only be accessed by accounts that are created by our Admin.  We prototyped our site there prior to our actual migration from our previous vendor and have maintained it since. 
      This second site was/is invaluable in preventing  issues  ... particularly in one of the major upgrades  (4.5 ??)  which changed how the default theme handled the header space and made some 3rd party themes as well as some apps unusable.  We were able to find out what issues specifically affected our site.  And it was huge.  If we had just applied it to production, it would have been a disaster.
      Same with the initial roll-out implementation of lazy loading .  We had images imbedded in the Forum descriptions which caused issues which we caught on our test/dev site.  Invision support recognized the problem as somewhat unique to us at that time.
      I could go on, but the value that a test/site provides is obvious.  Even for small, non commercial sites like ours.
      However now that option is going to cost more since Invision is closing out the legacy options with new, more expensive offerings.  The increase in cost and "functionality" does not, for us, create any new value.  Particularly since our use case for the account has an infinitesimal impact on the Invision host environment. 
      There should be a fixed, low cost method of providing an option for managers/developers of cloud accounts where than can duplicate their unique production environment for the purposes of testing new apps/upgrades etc.
    • By bearback
      Good day all
      Just a quick question running 4.6.6 and just noticed when hovering over somebody's name you used to be able to see were they where in the forum. Does not seem to show their activity. Is there a option to reset or re-enable.
      Hopefully explained correctly. 
      Thank you
    • By Maxxius
      Another suggestion I'd like to make is to think of some way to target IP.Board members based on their interests so you can send bulk mail which would be more relevant:

      one way we can find out which ads can be more relevant to a particular member is just to answer a simple survey if you can call it where they can TICK their interests on a list and the bulk mail you send have to be related to a ticked topic. if not or nothing is ticked - bulk mail is sent.

      so basically as an admin you set up your bulk mail topics/categories/interest groups in ACP and you save them. members can tick or untick their interests in their profile settings. something like that.

      I've seen newsletter softwares do that and that is very convenient. because right now we can only filter by posts, activity, groups and thats it.

      sorry for double-posting but I cannot risk IPS not seeing this topic.
    • By Boris_
      This plugin allows members to specify their physical location (accurate to the nearest town or city) and allows other members to search for members based on the location.
      Users can specify their location when registering or editing their profile. In the AdminCP you can set if the location is required in either or both of these locations. When entering a location, autocomplete is provided which automatically detects the user's physical location (based on their IP address) to find towns close by. Location shows on user's profile and when viewing the member list. If you have specified a location yourself, it will also show the distance between you and that member on the member list. When searching the member list, you can search for users within a certain distance (in miles or km, configurable from AdminCP setting) of a particular town or city and sort by distance from that place. When searching the member list, you can also sort results by distance from you without specifying a location. When viewing the member list, a quick "Members near me" link shows which will quickly filter the list to users close to your location and sort by distance. Works great with Enhanced Member List
      Important: Before installing this plugin you must have configured your Google Maps API key
      Latest version (1.2.x) is compatible with Invision Community 4.4.x. To use with older versions, download version 1.1.2 instead.
    • By AlanWeiss
      My users are having issues with the unread content feed. They read the content and then go back to the listing and see the "read" content is still there marked "unread". No matter how many times they view the content, it does not register as "read" until they log out and then login again. 
      Is there a setting I'm missing that could fix this? I'm at a bit of a loss.
      Attached a video for reference
      Screen Recording 2021-11-10 at 10.00.47 AM.mov
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