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Dismiss-able license renewal notice and error within ACPs


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Happens that during dev and configuration I keep some errors intentionally what makes operating within ACP hard. E.g. not fully configured payment gateway error appears for every mis-configured payment type. There is no way to close it. I do not want to delete payment type but cannot configure it to connect to external gateway app as site is in dev. Similar matter is about license renewal notice. Cannot dismiss it for e.g. 24h. I suggest to make all admin only errors and noticed be able to dismiss for at least few hours.

What issue it cause? when 3 or more of such notices/warnings or errors is on the top there is no way to access many config areas, e.g. theme editor.


Example of my Christmas tree start at the top of ACP 


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This is a little tricky. It's pretty unusual to have that many error banners and not be able to correct them. These types of things used to be dismissible, but ... people dismissed them. We are all guilty of "I'll do that later" and while I understand you have a test site, in most circumstances, the ramifications of ignoring those gateway errors can be significant (no payments.) We have to find that balance between nannying and protecting our customers. 

We use that particular error style sparingly (I know it may not seem so based on your screenshot!) but when we do, they should be taken seriously. As I said, I can understand your edge case here - but we would go full circle and create risky issues for other customers who click out of something, get busy and say "I'll get to that later." I'm quite guilty of it myself. 

I think of it like a check engine light in a vehicle. One surefire way to get rid of the light/warning is to... fix the issue. 🙂There are niche cases where someone intentionally tinkers with something that triggers the light, or is aware of an issue and doesn't want to address it, but the warning is still there nonetheless. In fact, in most modern vehicles, the instrument cluster works the same as our ACP dashboard in that there are informational warnings, things you can dismiss then there are failure warnings (like failure of emission components, stability control/abs systems, etc.) that take over the screen on your cluster, are not dismissible, and will not go away until the issue is corrected. 

The license renewal banner is dismissible, but the license key warning is not because you are not using the license key correctly (eg. you have a test install without using the test installation key and your URLs are not matching up) and should be corrected per the EULA. 

I don't think we will be taking action on this item, but I wanted to give you some background on why. I hope that helps and I'm sorry for the frustration. 

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Thanks for explaining and pointing me out I do not have TESTINSTALL at the end of my license key. Will check that later and try to fix it. However, I am going to renew within next few days so it may not matter.

BUT, that's where we meet. You can check whether it is TESTINSTALL or localhost install and then make the warning dismissable, at least on hour basis, e.g. 1h 😉 a good compromise between protection and friendly dev.

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