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upgrade.php on app build

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Would sure be nice to have a way to where when clicking build application, especially if it's a new version, to have it run upgrade.php for the working version because otherwise it's more work testing to be sure that file's code goes smoothly. Otherwise all you can really do is either try executing the code from another place or have to go to another site to test upgrading OR uninstall the app on test site, reinstall old version, delete constants file, and run the upgrader.

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7 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

I would say it's a good idea, especially if you uninstall your app with IN_DEV disabled to install previous version (to test the upgrade), then you notice you're f****d.

Interesting. I uninstalled an app before, but I can't remember which version I was on and if I turned off IN_DEV. I must have kept it on because I haven't noticed an issue.

It's obviously not the hugest of deals as long as we make sure not to do that, BUT it would just be so nice to have a button by an upgrade.php in the db schema in acp where you click it to run it basically. 🙂 

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