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Google photos integration


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Hi, I think google photos is so populated today, as google map and others google products. 

Why ips don't want to take this advantage of free storage for end users, have it integrated with IPS gallery or whatever? 🤔 Because don't like Google? 

All my photos and videos are take by my cellphone, thanks for the google photos without limitation of storage, I can have this "big storage issue" resolved. 

I would like have the photos album, videos or pictures, embedded into my ips site for my members or projects scenes of use. 


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IPS can work on this request? Or it never will be considered? 

I would like have this integration to host all pictures and videos of my site. When members upload pictures ir videos, this integration saved it automatically into an photos album, as google photos is unlimited storage, this will be the big advantage. 

Another thing is though this integration we can use images, videos and albums easily from google photos. 

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