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    • By KT Walrus
      I'm using \IPS\Helpers\Form\CheckboxSet in a form to show a list of options for the user to check/enable.
      The first 2 options should always be checked. I want to disable these 2 checkboxes so the user can't uncheck them.
      When I disable the first 2 checked options, the None link at the bottom toggles off ALL the checkboxes including the first 2 disabled ones. Once unchecked, there is no way for the user to change them back to checked.
      I think this is a bug. The All / None buttons should not change disabled checkboxes.
    • By Michael.J
      Select which countries your advertisements will appear in. Integrates with the Commerce app to sell ad products to selected countries. Setup regions for quick access to multiple countries.
      Integrates with IPB4 advertisements. Integrates with the Commerce application to sell ad products with selected countries. (Requires Commerce app) Setup multi country regions for quick repeat additions. Setup a default loading country if the geo location fails to identity the users country. Setup a default ad to show if no ads are setup to match a members country. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    • By TDBF
      If you have Google Adsense adverts on your forum, then you will know how fussy they are about where you place their adverts.
      This plugin will automatically try removing Ads from pages or area's where Google might not want their adverts displayed. For example this plugin will automatically remove adverts:
      When the site is off-line, On specific Core Pages: Settings, Notifications, Attachments, Followed Members, Messenger, ModCP, Ignore Members, Support, Register Page, Login Page and Member Profiles, Most Pages where there might be a Edit/Add/Modify/Submit/Create form, On the Commerce Pages for Clients and Support, On the Discovery and Stream Pages, Any Forum which is selected in the plugin Settings. This could be for forums that you would not want Google poking around in, You can also add Pages to the ignore list via the plugin settings. You can select to display Ads on the Staff Directory, On-line Users and Leaderboard Pages.
      At the moment this plugin has been tested on Forums, Pages and Nexus and may not work 100% of the time. If that is the case then use the Disable URL option within the settings.
      Yes, this plugin is free and you're welcome 😉
    • By flashpoint
      Hi all,
      I've been trying to make my own plugin that creates threads automatically when a new gallery image or album is posted for the last few days but I am stuck on the form for each category. For whatever reason that data does not load the data back onto the form but it does save onto the database. 
      This is what I have for formatFormValues:
      public function formatFormValues( $values ) { $values = parent::formatFormValues( $values ); if ( $this->id ) { $save = array( 'threadgen_gallery_forum_on' => (int)$values['threadgen_gallery_forum_on'], 'threadgen_gallery_category_id' => $this->id, 'threadgen_gallery_forum_id' => $values['threadgen_gallery_forum_id']->id, 'threadgen_gallery_topic_prefix' => (string)$values['threadgen_gallery_topic_prefix'], 'threadgen_gallery_topic_suffix' => (string)$values['threadgen_gallery_topic_suffix'], 'threadgen_gallery_topic_delete' => (int)$values['threadgen_gallery_topic_delete'] ); foreach ( $values as $k => $v ) { if ( \in_array( $k, array( 'threadgen_gallery_category_id', 'threadgen_gallery_forum_id', 'threadgen_gallery_topic_prefix', 'threadgen_gallery_topic_suffix', 'threadgen_gallery_topic_delete' ) ) ) { unset( $values[$k] ); } } if ( \count( $save ) ) { \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'gallery_threadgen_addon', $save, TRUE ); } } return $values; } Basically the question is does formatFormValues load the values back or only save them? If it only saves them how would I load them back?
      Thanks for your time and help! 🙂
      Second parameter for forms is default value whoops 😅
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