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Advice on creating a new feature on my IPS site

Steve Bullman

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Hi guys. Just wanted to pick your collective brains.

I am in the process of reviving an old feature from my vbulletin board.

This was a fungi resource/database which contained a list of 50 different fungus, and information on each one. There was a facility to search for fungi based on what category they fell into. All this had its only landing page which served as the main page for the entire directory. This also played a slideshow picking random images from each directory.

I have had Dawpi write a converter to bring all this data across to IPS and it is currently stored into records. What I am looking for now is the best way to present these records on the front end. Are there any existing plugins/apps or combination that would perform all the above?



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1 hour ago, Steve Bullman said:

I assume that can be done

You can install it as many times as you need. You will not get any headache. SuperDirectory are "just" templates that can be applied to any database. So you create two databases in Pages and configure templates for them equally.

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