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Search results gone missing (API + word length)


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Dear community members and contributors, I hope that you will be able to help me, as I cannot seem to figure out where my issues comes from.

I own an IPB 4.4 community with around 5000 topics (not sure whether this is relevant, though). As this is a french-speaking community, topics' titles may contain special characters. Database is on a MariaDB 10.2.6 container, with all varchar columns on a utf8mb4_unicode_ci character set.


Issue #1

If I run the MySQL query below, it returns 12 results.

select tid, title from ibf_forums_topics where title like '%Actualit%';


If I search topics with the characters "Actualit" in the title, it returns 12 results. For the full word "Actualités", 9 results (which is correct).



If I search using the API, it returns 7 results, which is wrong.



Issue #2

I have topics with very short words in their titles, and I wanted these words to be indexed for the search. For instance (this is a football-related board), "David de Gea" or "FA Cup".

I did read a few things here and there, about the MySQL / MariaDB minimum length for fulltext searches for instance. I did make a change in the server configuration in order to allow shorter words to be indexed. The query below now returns 2, after I restarted the container hosting the MariaDB database.

show variables like 'innodb_ft_min_token_size';

I did run the reindexation from within the AdminCP, and it seemed to complete without any issue.

Still, appropriate results are not returned when I make a search. For instance, "FA Cup" is not returned when I look for "Cup", topics' titles only.


Can you please help me find out what is wrong ? Did you experience anything similar, and what did you do that I probably did not in order to fix this ?

Thank you in advance for your help !

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