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    • By Aeomin
      Would it be possible to add pagination for "Manage Your Purchases" page?
      When as user have many purchases, this became a giant page since it displays everything that the user have purchased.
    • By IT_Worxx
      /system/Api/GraphQL/TypeRegistry.php Is missing from my server after we ran an upgrade. I've checked the package download and it's not included in that. Anyone have any ideas?
    • By LiamH
      We are having issues with our badge rules since upgrading. For example, we have 1 badge that is issued after 5 minutes of registering and it currently isn't being issued. We also have limited edition badges we ran for a period of time and the rules got paused, since upgrading all of those badges have been removed from members and we now have to manually reapply them. Is this is a known issue?
    • By NightOwlHacks984
      How do I make it so purchases expire after 24 hours, 1 week, 30 days, & 1 year?
    • By Duken
      If i edit a start post with a tag and a new title the author from the startpost is changed from a user to myself (admin).
      Happend two times now after the 4.6.8 upgrade.
      More info: User Mickey creates a topic "I NEEED HELP!" 
      I change the topic to "I need some help" with a tag "help". The author changed to me and it is not created by Mickey anymore.
      For now i change myself to anonymous as poster otherwise it really weird for Mickey/
      @ipb: support account is active
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