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Looking for developer (web crawl import)


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An old forum  in my niche (using Drupal) has closed permanently, with most of the content still available through the Waybackmachine. I’m considering importing the content from there into my IPS forum to preserve the legacy. So I would need a custom crawl script. It should …

  • take a forum ID/link.
  • run through the given forum and open every available topic …
    • import every post
    • match the post to a user ID or create one if it doesn’t exist yet using the username and avatar image (with dummy email address)
    • import and relink post images in one way or another. (user attachments or just downloaded and called from a folder – whatever works)

If anyone wants to give me an estimate, feel free to write a PM. I can also give a link to the site to be crawled via PM. 

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