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How to check community availability by countries?


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My community is international and for members from around the World. 

I don't have a specific niche and accepted any content, except prohibited: illegal content, criminal activity, black market.

I already added a lot of words in filter. But I can't know everything in the World and I can't know all the governments regulations. That is why I'm afraid my community to be banned by any of them.

How to check is my community available for all the countries?

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Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou are 403 - Forbidden

Hong Kong is OK


Does it means my community is blocked for the Chinese members?

Latest results for o9c4.com ...
Beijing    BLOCKED
Shenzhen    BLOCKED
Inner Mongolia    BLOCKED
Heilongjiang Province    BLOCKED
Yunnan Province    BLOCKED

No servers were able to reach your site. This means that your site is most likely NOT accessible from within mainland China.

Does any other's communities are blocked in China too?

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