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Designers' Mode - Error copying folders


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I don't know if this is a mistake or only it occurs with me.
When "Designers' Mode" is turned on and off, the separate theme folders are saved in all themes.


  • theme 1 has a folder called "test",
  • theme 2 has no additional folders

After turning the "Designers' Mode" option on and off, all themes suddenly have a folder called "test".

I admit that working on several motives at the same time is quite intriguing by such a mistake.

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It is intended at present, but an area that we may adjust in the future. The problem is that if you end up with something like a plugin or source code calling a custom template group, it has to be available in every theme otherwise you'd get an error. That said, it's understandable that with designers mode it's more likely a custom theme template is calling another theme template (rather than backend code executing with every theme).

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