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Memcached - The servers provided are not valid - My fix

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Hi all I've been through this issue before and fixed it but for this time around I couldn't figure out what I wasn't doing. Here's the complete newbie thing I forgot. Just posting up as it may help out others who aren't as server savvy like me.

My forum had slowed down to snails pace timing out every now and then. I looked into what might be causing it then found that my memcached settings were no longer working on the data storage page. The IP and port wouldn't set and I kept getting the message "The servers provided are not valid". In the past I had an issue with memcached not being installed correctly, a reinstall fixed this.

This time it turned out that after updating to php 7.2 I didn't install memcached, not knowing I had to because I don't know servers very well.

Now I much much much rather prefer installing this kind of stuff via the WHM so installed memcached in WHM by going to Software > Module Installers > PHP Pecl

Searched for memcache and installed both "memcache" and "memcached"

Did a server reboot and NOTHING! 😂

I was scratching my head for ages then resorted to accessing my hosts console (sketchy text based user interface that takes me back to my commodore 64 days AKA SSH) I then started the memcached service.

memcached -d -m 512 -l -p 11211 -u nobody

Then checked it was running

ps -eaf | grep memcached

Hallelujah!!!!! My forum was now cracking away.

I hope this may help someone having similar issues or at the least helps me when it happens again in the future 😝

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