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Some suggestions for calendar


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  1. Add hidden badge to the stream view of events. Right now we cannot see what event is hidden unless we open it.
  2. Add address line below the map in the stream view. The map part alone is not really helpful without the address line.
  3. Add a number of views. Right now we cannot see how often an event has been viewed.
  4. Remove Calendar menu if there is only one calendar, as it does not make sense to select between the single calendar and All calendars
  5. Remove the link "Event details" from stream view or display it on every event in the stream. Right now the link is displayed only if there is not enough text in event description. It not somehow not logical.
  6. Add H1 to Venue page
  7. Make the fixed header of Calendar optional as it conflicts with themes that uses fixed menu header.

Hopefully some of the suggestions can be implemented :rolleyes:

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