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Problem with page cache and redirect on main page


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we have problem on our board. When you logged in incognigo mode (in normal view sometimes too)  you can walk on site and everythink is ok. But when you click link to main forum page you see page for guest and you are redirected to logged version with param ct=... You can see that situation on movie

I know when this parameter will be set, but we have problem with this from about 4 December


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@bfarber thanks for Your reply, we had provided more data on ticket 41543.

Could You please take a look on it?

In general, we are opening incognito mode of Chrome, then we are clicking login button, popup occurs, we provide login credentials. We are logged in. Then we click forum page, and we are in guest mode and site automatically redirects to logged in mode with ct= parameter.
This is visible on the provided screen-movie.

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