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moving or pruning members after a search


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently doing some housekeeping, and have noticed that there are a number of accounts that appear to be created by spammers that haven't been caught by the spam defence system, or were created before moving over to the invision platform.

After searching for a selection of members, clicking on pruning tells me that the action will be performed to 0 accounts, and when I click on move members it only allows me to move to a new primary group, and not a secondary (which would be useful in future searches).

Is it just me that this is happening with, or is there a known issue in the software that is being investigated?

moving members after a search.png

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On 1/11/2020 at 1:42 AM, bfarber said:

Please submit a ticket with details about how you searched. I am aware of bug fixes in this area over time, but I can't say for sure if what you're reporting has been resolved.

There is no option to adjust secondary groups via a mass change, no.

Thanks, I'll do this when I am sitting at my computer next, and my internet connection is stable enough.

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