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Pages is a great built-in tool that allows the creation of Landing Pages. But, it lacks the tagging feature.

Yes, tagging is available in Pages > Databases but not Pages.

Tagging is great for content discovery.

The idea behind this is to allow admins to tag the page within Pages.

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He acknowledged that it's possible to do this within Pages Databases, which is what you've shown. He's referring to a standalone Page built with Pages, though. (The names can make life very unclear, unfortunately, so I don't blame you for not quite understanding what he's referring to.)

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@GTServices how many pages are you going to create? What kind of tagging and organization are you trying to do? 

One thing I'd like to emphasize is that if you're trying to create multiple pages with organization, the proper approach is to use Pages database.  They're designed for classification and organization.  You can certainly make the records appear as single pages via templates, but they would be more appropriately contained within Pages database.  

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@Joel R I love PAGES + database. I use it to create directories. eg. Site Center, etc.

When we use PAGES + database it creates issues that we shouldn't have to bother with for standalone landing pages. (no organization needed)

eg.  URL subdirectory that is not needed (domain.com/database/record), index of PAGES database being found, customizing templates to fit all landing pages, etc. 

What this provides me is the following: 

  • Ease of use 
  • Control over SEO urls (no Pages database subdirectory)
  • Freedom to build pages without the suite wrapper (header/footer)
  • Grouping of similar landing pages (For a specific landing page, I could create it's error and thank you page.)
  • Removal of distractions from view (I want readers to take action without any kind of distractions. ie. navigation, footer, etc)

I use these landing pages to...

  • To generate leads
  • To provide surveys
  • To provide offers
  • Some are informational

A lot of these are sponsored (advertisers) content. (Some of these are only available for a certain time.)

Enabling tagging would be helpful for discovery. Pages come up for search why shouldn't they display when searching for Tag A, Tag B, or Tag C.

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I faced the same problem ... to get away from unnecessary subcategories and directories in Pages, I began to use tags. But now how to pull out these tags in the form of a cloud in order to simplify the user’s path to the desired content from my catalog?

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