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Give "Read Topic" mode innovation


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Right now we have the traditional topic mode to create our forums, it is,

/a user open a topic/other user reply with a post and continue with this step. With this mode creating a discussion structure and can read by others. 

Maybe work fine for thread that contains 3, 4, 8, 10 or a little more posts. But how about if it contains 20,50, 100...posts? 

Which is the purpose for the topic mode? If we have one, or more... But we can give it more innovation? 

How about if ips can bring us more powerful topic tools that help us create discussions or conversations with more control and efficiently to read it, understand it, find it and filter it? 🤔 Because after all, we are creating a information database through the topic mode, so in this case, we need different tools to handle our topic thread... 

My suggestion, at least in sometimes case of scene, we create a topic and at the sametime opening 4 postures icons (new tool what I mean){I AGREE, DON'T AGREE, I HAVE OTHER IDEA,  I DON'T KNOW RIGHT NOW} . if a user reply, he should be choose on of them, then write the reply content, and successively for others replies. 

What will offer this? We suppose we have a topic with 200 replies (sometimes I only read the last one and the first, because we know 200 is so much), the topic intention is clear, want replies that show if the members agree or not related what the topic talk about, or if there have others better ideas. 

What I can believe is no anyone want to read post by post... 200. In this time, users after read the first post, they can click on the 4 POSTURES ICONS to filter posts. Example, if I interest in read others ideas posts, I choose I HAVE OTHER IDEA, easy... 

How about add these POSTURES as a filter box in the end of first post? 

How about if these POSTURES ICONS appear below of the topic title with the amount of them? 

How about if these postures and icons are customizable in the moment of creating the topic? 


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