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Ok,  So the NO HELP instructions say this.

In your theme

Go to Themes and click the "Edit HTML and CSS" button for your default theme. The specific template you need to edit and where to make the change depends on where you want the advertisement to show. For this example, if you wanted the advertisement to show in the profile under the header, go to the core -> front -> profile -> profileHeader template and insert the code at the very bottom.

Since each theme has its own HTML templates, you will now need to repeat this for each theme.


So my first problem is that I have no idea what or where they are talking about.  So the example means nothing to me since I do not know what or where the "in the profile under the header" is.  So I am not even going to muddy up this topic by asking anyone to explain what hte profile under the header is.

I have done this before and must have gotten lucky.  I have advetisements on the front page on the side.  They are called LowerAD1, LowerAD2 and LowerAD3.  I would like to ad more but I do not know what that page is called.  I opened up the themem nad clicked on the HTML AND CSS button.  Well there are about 4,000 things in there.  What one do I want to change to ad more advertisements to my front page?


Remember,  I can tell you anything you want to know about flying a Hot Air Balloon.  I can not tell you CRAP about this stuff.



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