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How To Trouble Shoot Upgrade Error v4.4.9.1


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Previously, I was able to do an online upgrade without any issues throw my admin page.

However, with the latest update -- -- I get the following error:


There was an error downloading the files to your server. Please download the update and upload the files to your server, or contact us for assistance.

I have manually downloaded the update file folder -- ips_bc58f -- and uploaded it to the path on my server where my forum is located.

Where can I look for error logs or info to point me into the direction on how to fix this issue? I wonder if it s a server permission issue?


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Thanks for the recommendation. But no upgrade logs are stored. It's probably a permission error however the file checker shows everything is green/writeable. Annonying to have to download the whole thing and constantly do manual upgrades. Wish there was a debugger to show what the error is.

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