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Acronyms for old posts?


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I don't think there is a built-in way to apply Acronyms to older posts, however you could do this via the database.

UPDATE forums_posts 
SET post = REPLACE( post, 'SKU', '<abbr title=\"Stock Keeping Unit\">SKU</abbr>') WHERE post LIKE '%SKU%' AND post_date < 1576891227;

1576891227 would be the date/time in unix time just before you started using acronyms.

This is a handy tool for figuring the exact value out:  https://www.epochconverter.com/

This SQL script may be "dangerous" to use unless you are absolutely certain there are no OTHER instances of the acronym you're trying to replace, so I would carefully consider its implementation, and definitely make a backup of the forums_posts tables before experimenting with it.

e.g. as part of a URL, or part of another word.


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Thanks for your reply.  I know how to view information in databases and back them up but making changes is a little above my knowledge of databases.  I'm afraid I would crash my live site.  Thank you for explaining what needs to be done. I appreciate it.  I was hoping there might an easy way to do it.

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