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Sending out renewal reminders as state requires


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We're transitioning to using the IPS as our membership platform and need to ensure that transactional renewal reminder emails go out to members.
We're required to send at least 1 within 30-60 days before renewal, 1 a few days prior to renewal, and then the actual renewal.

Is there a method to add transactional mails to a product/service with the ability to set the interval before expiration?

Or, a suggestion/recommendation for a plugin/app that would manage this process as well?

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@bfarber Thanks, I see that the part of the requirement is filled there, but I hope you can help me understand if I am missing something.

According to our needs, the settings I chose are as follows, but it seems that the Credit Card on file (for subscriptions and recurring products) would be billed *before* the expiration date. It would seems that customers might have a problem with that (even though it would renew on the expiration date, not the payment taken date). With the subscription services I have, the warning comes a few days early of the expiration, then the payment is taken on the date of expiration.



So to fulfill the state requirement, AND take payment on the day of expiration, we would change "Generate renewal invoices" to 0 and leave the "warn" at 45 days. But then there is no 2-3 day warning that the purchase is about to expire.

Is there any way to have the 30-60 day warning of expiration, the 2-3 day warning of expiration, the actual taking of payment on the day of expiration, and then of course the grace period in the event the credit card is declined, etc.?  Or am I missing an elegant way of using the date settings above?

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