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After the patch upgrade 4.4.9, this widget works weird.
I'm not sure if this is a bug or is it some kind of bug in my installation.
What I'm watching:
- The date doesn't change at midnight, but probably a few hours after that.
- On a calendar day - no problem with that - everything is OK there.
In the morning at checkup I have this:
For mobile browsing, Android 9 with Chrome browser - date is already OK.
But for the desktop - Mozilla and Chrome don't change the date - they show a date from yesterday.
I'm trying to clear cache browsers - no result. Date is yesterday.
When checking the default skin IPS - date is OK.

Also - when checking a copy of my skin (I created it for reserve) - the date is OK.
When comparing templates - everything looks the same in calendar codes (widget is one for all skins)
I tried many tasks manually - no change.
Only clearing the site cache restores the current date.
Is it a bug or?
Any ideas I appreciate.



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