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Using forums for DB comments, which field for post content?

Kevin W

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The thread title is a bit truncated up there, but the general question is.... when using databases with comments and where the forums are being used for the comments (so that a new thread automatically gets created upon the new DB record insert), what determines which DB field is used to populate the automatically created thread post?  If it isn't the designated "content" field, can I force it to be?

The longer explanation as to why I'm asking... I created a new DB with the option turned on to use the forums for the DB comments.  The DB has several fields associated with it of mixed types.  At some point I switched which field is flagged as the "content" field.  When I add a new entry to the DB the post gets created but the content of the forum post is the value of the original "content" DB field, not the one that is currently designated.  I would have expected the "content" designated field of the DB to be used as the content of the forum post.  I was thinking that perhaps the value was being cached somewhere so I waited a day before trying again but same results.  Poking around the SQL table directly I don't see any references to the original "content" field ID.  

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16 minutes ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

It will include any custom fields that have content filled in for the Topic Format setting. Make sure that is filled in for all fields you want included when the topic is posted: https://take.ms/V4Rmjl

Aaaaggggh, I see what my issue is: When I looked in the field I thought there was already a value in the "Topic Format" selection because it's showing a default value in the text box but it's really blank.  

Thanks, I put an explicit value in the topic format option, synched, and all is good.  👍

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