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(SD) ActiveCampaign Integration

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  • API version 3
  • Automatically added subscribtion to „default list” after register
  • E-commerce integration
  • Action history (per member)
  • Allows to show custom form


New in version 1.1.0

  • Ability to set the condition for sending e-commerce data
  • E-Commerce Abandoned Carts
  • Changes in the integration of e-commerce (ability to assign a defined action for any purchase in Commerce)
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New version released

  • Webhooks
  • Custom fields
  • Member Filter (in bulk mail)
  • Admin Dashboard block
  • New webhooks (after adding the tag, after removing the tag) (functionality sponsored by Michał Szafrański)
  • Ability to create / delete an account (e.g. if a contact in AC has a specific tag) (functionality sponsored by Michał Szafrański)


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Thanks a lot @Spannerfor this great plugin. One suggestion for new updates.

Now when any user cancel your subscription not send any info to AC, if will be possible to add/delete tags or unsubscribe to a list when any user cancel your subscription. It will be possible as new and different integrations, or in the same integration.

Thanks a lot.

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