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Consider making tag searches case insensitive internally

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Yes, I know, there is an ACP setting to throw all tags to lower case - that's separate to this request.

While tracking searches on various sites I am seeing people making tag searches beyond just clicking a tag - they enter a tag term manually - and if the site is using Leading Capital Letters for their tags someone entering tattoo instead of Tattoo for a tag search by hand will get bupkis.

And yes, I know, not a whole lot of people will be on the advanced search page manually entering a tag name by hand but here we are :shrug:

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Hmm. German language site here and can confirm.


No, not google translate related either :)

Elasticsearch if that matters.

@bfarber I can push the site address to you in a ticket for you to poke if you like otherwise I'll have to ask the site owner to submit themselves.

EDIT: On a lark instead of the Advanced Search Page I pushed these through via url with the tag bit

sitename.com/community/tags/SORION = zilch
sitename.com/community/tags/Sorion = the expected 23 results

Also, and this will only be valid until I make another response somewhere: HAIL SATAN!

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It may be related to Elasticsearch, possibly, in that case (I tested with MySQL search). As I said...I recommend submitting a ticket. We're happy to look into it if it's an issue - this wouldn't really be "feedback" or a "suggestion", but rather a simple straight forward bug we'd prioritize for an upcoming maintenance release.

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