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Menu Manager not working

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I have a menu with a few submenus and also dropdowns. I can no long access parts of the menu to edit, moving things around, and saving small edits, the backend editor does not match the front. I have a tab that does not show up on my menu.


I edited the menu item FREE INDEPENDENT - i added the text (LADIES ONLY)

when i saved, it popped into VIP CLIENT. used to be it's own item.

When I tried to drag it around, it disappeared, and now showing up on the LIVE MENU to users, but no longer shows up in the backend.



Any advice would be appreciated. I have been through this a while back, and support had to escalate my problem to upper tech.

Submited a ticket yesterday, waiting on them to get back, but if anybody has a clue what got corrupted in my changes, how to fix it, and how to prevent this in the future I would appreciate it.






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