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Announcement suggestions


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Announcements can be pretty useful but the function on the Invision platform is pretty limited and I'm sure it could be enlarged to give site owners more choice.

Here are a few ideas:

  • allow unlimited colour palette. I don't really understand why at the moment it is restricted only to half a dozen or so colours.
  • Allow formatting of announcement titles for text colour, font style, font size – and also put in some graphics/emojis as required.
  • Allow inclusion of more than one line of text in the announcement title bar.
  • It should be possible to see the number of visits each announcement has had – viewable by designated groups


I hope other people will propose their own ideas for announcements.

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Also, when posting multiple announcements, to designate an order of appearance.

Some announcers may be more important than others and you want them to figure more prominently.

It can also help to relieve the monotony and viewer fatigue by having the colours change – either designated or a random. It would be useful if this could be incorporated and one configure timing – once per hour, once per day, et cetera et cetera.

Let's face it, an announcement is there to give information and to catch the eye. So why don't we have features on the announcement function which allow it to be made eye-catching!


Announcements really don't have to be dull and monotonous. They can act as "posters" to publicise certain news or features or important thing is that the site administrator wants people to know.

One could even configure it so that the visitor won't be able to view anywhere else on the forum until they have viewed the announcement. – Maybe a bit Draconian – but you may as well give your clients the choice.

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