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Help to recognise an error


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It will certainly be my fault but I waste a lot of time to find the issues that are reported to me by whoops.

In this case for example I have a warning generated in the FormAbstract.php that had never happened to me:

// from:      /Users/sviluppo/Documents/sites/44x.test/system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php


"var_dump(): Property access is not allowed yet"


full stack report also a file in my app but with no comments.

// from:  /Users/sviluppo/Documents/sites/44x.test/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php


Any advices on what and where to look?


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var_dump(): Property access is not allowed yet

From what I can tell, this occurs when you are working with prepared statements incorrectly, but as you didn't share much of your code I can't comment further. Google the error and look at the various stackoverflow answers, which might help point you in the right direction.


Random example.

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