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Pagespeed blocked due /uploads/css_build_x/ content?

Black Tiger

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I was doing some site speed tests via for example PageSpeed Insights. And every time I've got 2 things which are given a high notice for causing performance issues.

So I clicked what to do and it says to remove sources who block display and examples like this:

and so on. Also to remove unused css and then this is shown as advise to remove:
Now again, this is the /uploads/css_built_8/ folder.
So I checked and I have 3 of those folders:
The /css_built_10/
/css_built_7/ and
/css_built_8 folder.
I don't know any css, but I presume this is coming from the themes?
Are these folders created by cache or where is this coming from?
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These are CSS files for the theme.

I believe what you are likely referring to is the "render blocking CSS" bit that page speed tools look for. It is challenging to overcome this (especially in a releasable software environment like ours where other people modify themes). I believe @Adlago is the only one I'm aware of who has invested time into making changes that improve this pagespeed scoring point.

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Thank you for explaining.

I'm just using the default theme and changed some colors and added a small custom.css bit, so I don't use modified themes, except for the colors which I changed via the admin panel.

It would be nice if this could be improved, maybe by caching or otherwise. But at least it's good to know that it's nothing I've done wrong. 🙂

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