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Huge load after upgrade from 4.4.7 to 4.4.8

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No ! The upgrade was smooth on all my clients servers and i can say we get a bit better performance probably from the Elastic fix .

Higher server load on php doesn't mean that Php is the issue as for example if Mysql delay to respond php is getting overload...

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you should activate and check php-fpm status on your server, the results are something like this :

pool:                 www
process manager:      dynamic
start time:           15/Nov/2019:23:12:05 +0100
start since:          239236
accepted conn:        938534
listen queue:         0
max listen queue:     0
listen queue len:     0
idle processes:       15
active processes:     1
total processes:      16
max active processes: 31
max children reached: 0
slow requests:        0

if max listen queue or max children reached are > 0 you have a problem with your pool 

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