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SOLVED: AdminCP > SEO Issues Please Help


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Hi Guys - I noticed today that I can't make changed to the sitemap.php settings without getting the error.

"Please enter a valid URL for the sitemap.php file"

The sitemap.php file is there and is working according to IPS support, but I can't make any changes to the settings.




I also noticed Rewrite URLs gives me this error:

"The rewriting does not seem to be working. This may be because you have not configured your server correctly, but may be a false error if your community is not generally accessible. Check friendly URLs are working, and if they are not, ensure you have configured your server correctly or contact your hosting provider or server administrator for assistance."

I believe URLs are being Rewritten but I still have this error.





I have a support ticket open, but I need to figure this out asap. I have a feeling IPS won't be able to help if it's a server issue. I have a dedicated server that I control completely. I haven't made any changes lately. 


Anyone have any ideas?

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