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5 hours ago, misfit76 said:

I am in the middle of configuring the theme on my site and ran into an issue with the theme in the "Pages" section.  The Side Bar is not on the side, but it is pushed to the bottom of the page.  An example can be found at https://www.bmw2002faq.com/models/bmw-1500-r36/

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


 Same on the default theme?

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6 hours ago, misfit76 said:

Default Theme does not have this problem.  It seems to only happen on the Databases where there are no Categories.  As this page seems to work ok. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles/technical-articles/brakes/conversion-to-vw-disk-brakes-r113/



This isn't fault of the theme. I see this problem also on the default theme, but to a lesser extent.

It is likely fault of the ads you have on the page or the pages template itself.

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11 hours ago, misfit76 said:

Here is what i have on the fully stock default theme with stock record view



with same record view, but with this theme i am getting the side bar at the bottom




You have this in header widgets container. Change its position to the main container.


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  • We need more seasons theme, like Halloween, Easter and whatnot 🙂 Be cool to click a option and theme becomes Halloween. With bats flying or something. It's Halloween and I have nothing going.
  • Option in the setting to add fontawesome icons for post bit
    Capture.JPG.a702bda99522d475d3b173e51e116da9.JPG As I need to add location and Gender
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