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constants.php format


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Hello, my constants.php format generating by invisionpower to upload to server is:



\define( 'BULK_MAILS_PER_CYCLE', 25 );
\define( 'CP_DIRECTORY', 'newadmin' );
\define( 'READ_WRITE_SEPARATION',      false      );

\define( 'REDIS_ENABLED', true );
\define( 'STORE_METHOD', 'Redis' );
\define( 'STORE_CONFIG', '[]' );
\define( 'CACHE_METHOD', 'Redis' );
\define( 'REDIS_CONFIG', '{"server":"","port":6379,"password":""}' );
\define( 'CACHE_PAGE_TIMEOUT', 0 );
\define( 'SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY', '4586e752b0' );

Is correct with this backslash before "define" term?


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