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Member export to CSV for GDPR request

Jan Krohn

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Here it says that I can export a member's personal data as a CSV file.

However, I can't find the feature.

The "download personal data" feature just gives me the IP addresses of the user. That's not enough. GDPR requires a record of ALL personal information (which would include forum postings, messages, etc.)

So where can I find this elusive member export feature...?

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Forum postings and messages are not personally identifiable information. The feature does not allow you to download anything and everything that a member has ever submitted to the site forever and for all time. It allows you to download their personally identifiable information, the GDPR requirement.

You will note that the blog entry you linked to basically spells out the data that is downloaded


However, we wanted Invision Community to be more helpful, so we've added a feature that downloads personal data (such as name, email address, known IP addresses, known devices, opt in details and customer data from Nexus if you're using that) in a handy XML format which is very portable and machine readable.


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