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You can create your own pages with the Pages app and link them from the menu. 

(Personally, I just renamed the “terms” to “terms & imprint” and handle everything on that one page. It also means that I have an automatic footer link to the imprint, so it meets the country regulations.)

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Before buying an expensive suite application for just one page, you might want to check out this, a little app I've coded this morning.

It's very simple, the screenshots say it all...


You have an area in the AdminCP where you can select the groups that are able to see the page and an editor field for your custom impresstext.


The main page is very plain and simple too, but it comes with a navigation entry that can be moved or deleted in the menu manager and a constant footer link that is always there. The frontend "Impress" text is a phrase, so you can easily translate it to german.

Btw this is my first IPS application so far, but I've tested it of course and it seems to work fine.


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