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php function passthru disabled now no website???

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Hi there, I just disabled the passthru php function as suggested in my admin dashboard.

BAM, website gone! Rebooting server still gone, add passthru back again and still no website.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm I'm not blocked by the firewall as the site won't load on other devices or networks and I can still access my VPS and Cpanel 😬

SQL did have a crash and recovered.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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If your website isn't loading, you'll probably need to look through your error logs or inquire with your host unfortunately.

You can try creating a basic php script and see if that works


function printHelloWorld()
	print "Hello World";


This will at least tell you if PHP itself is working. Make sure you're using a supported version of PHP. Possibly turn error display on temporarily, but at the very least make sure you are logging errors and restart your server, then check the error logs.

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