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fURL rewrite help needed to redirect after 3x to 4.4 upgrade


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Hello, after I have upgraded my forum I see that once I go live with new version the URLs will not be redirected for gallery, blogs and files because of new structure.

I wonder do any of you know any .htaccess rewrite tricks to make such redirects possible?

http://www.website.com/forums/blogs/* -> http://www.website.com/blogs/*
http://www.website.com/forums/gallery/* -> http://www.website.com/gallery/*
http://www.website.com/forums/files/* ->http://www.website.com/files/*

I actually need the part forums dropped from the URL only when the address is going for forums+blogs/gallery/files. Don't want to loose that google traffic.

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@newbie LAC

I got one final thing to try and see if the IPS forum supports such a thing - that is rewriting top-level app fURLs slugs.

Can you help me by giving an example what could be put in htaccess so such redirection happens:

website.com/forums/* -> website.com/forum/*
website.com/gallery/* -> website.com/pics/*

etc.? you get the idea. I just need the principle, I'd make out other slugs then. Will try to redirect fURLs the proper way without editing core files.

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