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Cross-post a record as a forum topic


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I set an option to cross-post a database record as a forum topic .

But the auto-posted topics are empty. No content, no excerpt, just a link View full article.

Is that normal behaviour or have I missed something in settings?

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9 minutes ago, opentype said:

What have you set as “content” field? It should include that. 

Hello opentype,

I haven't touched database fields (if that is what you mean).

I have got two databases - one converted from Wordpress and one pre-installed (Articles). Both doesn't show any content in topics.

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37 minutes ago, opentype said:

Do you have a content field set and if so, is that the field which holds your article content.

I have checked and answer to both questions is yes.





I created a new database and connected it to a forum and everything works fine. I compared the settings/permissions and didn't find anthing suspicious.

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