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On 10/18/2019 at 9:02 PM, Sergey_SV said:

it is part of the "Advanced tags and prefixes" app

The Tag cloud in this is great, but as mentioned above, sadly the app has been abandoned.

Would be nice to see IPS incorporate a tag cloud widget by default, as we found it was a really popular feature. 

And if we're really dreaming here, it would be even better to have the option within the widget of whether to show all tags for the entire site, or specifically tags for the current app.

By which I mean, if you're in the gallery, you could opt to have the tag cloud show only tags used in the gallery, and when clicking on a tag, only show gallery items with that tag. Same would apply if the widget was used on the forums, or in downloads and so on. 

But either way, any sort of tag cloud (that shows a clickable list of all the different tags used) would be a really useful feature.

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This topic inspired me to make tagging mandatory when a user creates a new topic (they could add tags previously, but it wasn't required). I'd like to see in a few months what the tags functionality looks like so I can begin explaining to my community how to follow certain tags in a custom Activity Stream. It's an effort to begin really utilizing the Activity Streams and ideally shift our homepage from the top news stories, to a page where they're seeing content they chose. 

A tag cloud would be cool 👍 

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