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Which Award application you think is best?


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Hey everyone, I'm looking at primarily two applications which deal with awards: Trophies and Medals and iAwards. And wondering which one is better.

At first sight it seems that Trophies & Medals has more options and most importantly it is automated. I love automation. I sincerely would not have enough time on my hands to keep track of what to award to whom in my community. But imho scenarios are quite limited when awards can be automatically given...

Then there is iAwards I see it has no automation by default only when used in conjunction with Automation rules. But Automation rules have been removed from IPS marketplace... Sure its possible to contact author directly and buy outside of IPS but I have concerns about Automation rules not messing with stability and normal operation of the forum. Despite that I see that iAwards + automation rules might take longer to fully understand but if used correctly with various rules it might vastly expand the list of scenarios where a member can get a certain award thus make it more attractive for members.

Please guys share your experience with either of these mods and ideas for awarding members?

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Just now, Fosters

Trophies and medals supports own out of the box actions, BUT you can also combine it with rules app or fosters events app for enhanced automation.

Hey, thanks for dropping by. sorry but I dont see no events app on the marketplace. That sounds very interesting.

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