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I'm running a large IPS-community which also functions as a technical solution for news comment section. Currently we deliver comments section to six online news papers, and we're continually looking to expand with more partners. 

New articles are posted automatically in their own forums. Regular members can't start new threads in these forums, only reply to existing threads. I'm trying to make an Activity Stream which should function as an "New Articles" stream. With this stream you should quickly find new, unread news articles.  The problem I'm encountering is that whenever a member reply to a news article, the article gets bumped back to the top, and is once again listed as an unread topic.

Why is this a problem, you might think?

- We have approximately 3000 news comments every week. This would result that the most popular news articles gets bumped to the top all the time. So actually, instead of showing "new articles", such a stream would mostly show "most popular" articles. New articles would quickly drown in the amount of new comments we experience.

One solution I've found is to make an AS which include content published by specific members. The problem here is that we have approximately 50-60 journalists publishing news articles. It would be very time consuming to continually add or remove members from the AS, as journalists gets hired or quits their job. I can't see an option to only limit content from user groups, which would've helped greatly.

So: Am I missing something here? Any tip to how I can create a good AS for unread news topics, instead of an "most popular news articles"-feed?

Thanks in advance,




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