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IPS shredders posts while upgrade 4.2.9 -> 4.4.7


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i just upgraded from 4.2.9 to 4.4.7. that upgrade shreddered the content in a similar way like the upgrade 3 -> 4 did and as i described in this post:

let me give you an example: in one post there is this line (in the database):

<br /><a href="http://friedenswinter.de/aufruf/" target='_blank'>http://friedenswinter.de/aufruf/</a>

after the upgrade the line is changed to what i will attach to this message. which is no valid HTML anymore. does anyone knows where that post-parsing method resides so that i could comment it out / change it? of course it would be better if invision would check their code that i don't have to have fear when the next upgrade comes, i am talking with the support but it seems to be problematic for the support to see the problem.





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3 hours ago, taz.de said:

no. the script straight puts out the content of the database in a xml field. are you 100% sure that there is no code which manipulates posts while the upgrade process?

I'm absolutely certain, only editing the post will perform some parsing on the post (however, not the same level of parsing that an upgrade from 3.x does).

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