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FiveM Steam Hex Plugin

Andrew Austin

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Good morning all,

I use InvisionCommunity to run a FiveM Community on GTA V, we also use Steam as a Whitelist to protect the server by putting up a pasword that only allows members with their Steam Hex inserted in to the server, to enter freely. Members who do NOT have their steam Hex implemented into the server will not be able to join. 

With that, I'm interested in finding a plugin that allows members to insert their Steam Hex in their Account Settings on the website, that will be automatically plugged into the FiveM server once certain permissions or groups are given. I understand this plugin is out there as multiple communities use it, I just cant locate it. 

If anyone has it, I would love to use it, if you have any questions about the topic, I will try to answer as best as I can. 

Thanks in advance!

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