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Include image URL in RSS feeds


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When using a RSS for newsletters and/or exports to partners, we'd like to include an image (when available) for records in the RSS. Preferably it would fetch the image as follows:

Pages: From the record image, and not images published via the text editor.
Downloads: The uploaded screenshot for a file
Blogs: Feature Photo (the feature photo of a blog post)
Forum topic & Forum posts: The fist image published in a post, if available (low priority from my point of view)
(I don't have Gallery, so I can't comment on that, even if it makes sense to offer images in Gallery feeds as well)

I believe it also would make sense to use thumbnail images when available, instead of potentially too large fulls-size images in the RSS feed.

Best regards

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Better late than never, but we'd like to express our gratitude for implementing this feature – it is working perfectly now. Using RSS for generating newsletters and getting an image when aggregating with other news sources with images looks wonderful. Thanks for listening 

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