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Promote to Facebook not working?

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Sadly, my experience as well:

In all fairness, I don't think there is something IPS can do. Facebook require some difficult to obtain permissions for auto promoting to work. There was a loophole that you are able to keep your facebook application in dev mode and be able to post without the required permissions. IPS has developed an option to create a second facebook app, i.e. you use one regular for logins and the second is perpetually in dev mode for promotions. But this loophole seems to be closed now and posts created this way are always visible just by the admin. 

I sincerely hope I will be corrected and tons of people with successful facebook promotion will reply here. 


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Facebook login is separate from Promotion.  

Search the ACP for Social Media Promotion.  You need to specifically set up authentication for Facebook and Twitter promotion, and you need to get approved from Facebook's side.  

You should refer to the IPS help guide.  

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