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Suggestion for Image ALT tags. Ditch the image extension.


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Last couple of days I was working around the subject of alt image tags.

In IPS I noticed that if I lets say inserted an image to a post named for example "media-file-renamer-banner-1024x350.jpg" then this exact filename would be used as an alt image tag. That's truly better than nothing BUT what if you ditched the filename extension so it would just read "media-file-renamer-banner-1024x350". Moreover and I think it would be beneficial to loose hyphens too but I have not thought this thru just yet. Though in this case "media file renamer banner 1024x350" looks much better.

Perhaps even a small plugin may be able to take care of this thing.

Since I'm not a complete expert on this subject I'd also like to hear why my suggestions might not be a such a good idea after all.

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